Saturday, November 8, 2008

The US Presidents

Why did not Obama jokes on himself?
In order not to appear racist.

Nineties: America taper.
Two thousand: America is raging.
What will happen with America in the new decade?
America will turn into Barack Obama.

What is the difference between Barack Obama of Robin Hood?
Robin Hood took away from the rich and gave to poor.Barack Obama takes a middle-class and adheres to the poor.

Why Obama wants to raise taxes?
Because it does not want to be the taxpayer.

Why Obama went to the elections as a Democrat?
The Communist Party is not enough voters.

Why did the presidential aircraft Obama will be bad to fly?
It will be only the left wing.

Yes We Can". - Candidate Obama told us "Yes We Can". What will we say President Obama?
Yes You Will. - Yes You Will.


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